Welcome to the website for the 17th Annual Texas Youth Advisory Commission (YAC) Summit!  The Texas Municipal League (TML) and the City of Abilene are excited for this two-day statewide event overflowing with life lessons, practical advice, team-building exercises, and, of course, laughter!

What is the YAC Summit?
The 17th Annual YAC Summit is a two-day statewide event hosted by the City of Abilene and sponsored by the Texas Municipal League and the Abilene Convention and Visitors Bureau. The 2017 Summit will be held in Abilene on February 25-26, 2017. This year’s theme will focus on being strong and being the best you.

Summit Purpose
The Youth Advisory Commission (YAC) Summit is an opportunity for cities, schools, and community youth groups to share the experiences of their programs and the positive impact that the programs have had locally. The summit is organized to promote a fun environment for youth and city leaders to learn from and work with each other. Adults and students will leave with a greater appreciation of their own programs and new ideas to move their group forward in coming years.

If your city doesn’t have a YAC, you are invited to attend the summit and learn more about how a YAC can help your city. This summit provides excellent networking opportunities with leaders from established YACs.

Why Should Our City Attend?
This is the chance for your YAC members to show off their successes from the past year, share their goals for the coming year, hear from inspirational speakers, and network with other YACs. The summit is a great way to inspire your future leaders to transform their surroundings and perspective to achieve their goals and aspirations.